Varietal: Nebbiolo

Ageing: 15-17 months in big barrels

Characteristics:  Ruby red with granite shades. Vivid nose with noteworthy complexity and breadth with notes of forest floor and wet earth. Elegant and powerful, reminiscent of Burgundy; agile and austere with silky tannins. Long, gratifying finish with nice fruit notes. Suggested Serving Temperature: 16-17°C

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Beppe, Simonetta and their invaluable colleagues see Villa Bracco as multiple variations on a single concept: the concept of “territory”, in its highest and most noble expression. And speaking of territories, we can’t not close with the most prestigious chapter: since 2005, Beppe has been managing a Nebbiolo vineyard in the Sottocastello cru in Novello, in the Barolo zone. His brother-in-law Giancarlo Vivalda is also involved in the undertaking, and the first “king of wines” was produced in 2006. From the wolf hills to Dogliani and on to Barolo. A long road has already been travelled, but there is much more to come.


Beppe and Simonetta didn’t just move the winery to Dogliani. They created a whole complex in which production, consultancy and hospitality can coexist in harmony, all united by the same philosophy of simplicity and excellence. Villa Bracco became a luxurious hotel, a winery with space for conferences, lunches and dinners (in collaboration with some of the best local restaurants) and a cutting-edge analytical laboratory. All this, however, without ever losing sight of the principal value, the human touch.