Varietal: Pinot Grigio

Ageing: A small part (25%) is vinified as white; a part of about 40% is placed in cold maceration for 36 hours, for a higher extraction of typical colour. Both were given a soft pressing and started an indigenous fermentation. After that the yeast is added to complete the fermentation. The last grapes are pressed, at 7 degrees and left to macerate until the beginning of the indigenous fermentation (usually 48 hours).

When we get at 4 percent alcohol, the skins are removed, and the fermentation continues in oak barrels of a 2nr and 3rd passage. A month before bottling the three vinifications products are mixed to obtain a unique wine. Matured for 6 months in steel barrels and part in oak barrels and 2-4 months in the bottle.

Characteristics: The wine has a typical coppery colour, the smells are wild flowers, fresh fruits, and little red berries; the taste is dry, velvety, great character and texture; It is a match with fish starters, raw fish, shellfish also to gray till to white meats.

Historical: The Pinot Grigio grape is quite old, ancient even, coming to Friuli from France many centuries ago. It thrives in the plains, even though it gives excellent results on hill slopes as well. Suggested serving temperature: 10-12°C

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The Valentino Butussi winery was established in 1910 in Corno di Rosazzo, in the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC area. Colli Orientali is renowned for the production of high-quality wines and Valentino Butussi is located at the foot of the hills of Rosazzo in the beautiful valley known as “Prà di Corte” (“the Meadows of the Court” in English) Valentino, who grew up in a family of farmers, had the foresight to understand the future of his farm laid in viticulture, acquiring lands perfect for growing grapes, while selling off the lands more adapted to growing grain, fruit and raising animals.


The proof of the commitment to quality has been borne out by numerous awards and medals in international competitions, along with being named “Miglior Azienda” (Best Winery) 4 different years in important regional competitions. These numerous accolades have solidified the winery’s reputation for high-quality wines not only in Italy, but also throughout the rest of Europe and in important markets such as the USA, China and Canada.