Varietal: Sauvignon

Characteristics: Fairly rich gold-yellow in appearance, with a fruit-rich bouquet showing classic notes of fresh vegetables, as well as summer flowers, sage, mint and chilli pepper. A crisp, well-structured wine with tangy flavours. Perfect as an aperitif wine and as a partner to tomato or asparagus first courses, herb quiche, and fish soups. Suggested serving temperature 10°C.

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As far back as Roman times, these growing areas, stretching from the steep-sloped rive alte of the Isonzo river to the hills of the Collio, were renowned as mansi (vineyards) that could yield wines that were ottimo e vero, genuine and outstanding.
This vocation to quality viticulture has been producing superb wines for centuries, fruits of the enlightened practices through the centuries of the various titleholders of the Tenuta Villanova. Such wines emerged right from the time of its foundation, on the 5th of April 1499, the year in which the Conti Strassoldo purchased the Tenuta from the Chapter of the Patriarchate of Aquileia; they then continued to own and manage it for a full three centuries.


In the 1800s, a new family, the Levis, dramatically improved the performance and image of the Tenuta, and by the end of the century it boasted fully 65 separate farming properties and a significant presence in foreign markets as well.
After passing through various ownerships, the estate was purchased in 1932 by Arnaldo Bennati; he initially named it Piave-Isonzo, then in 1985 he adopted the name Villa Villanova for his modern transformation of the historic agricultural enterprise.
Today, Giuseppina Grossi Bennati represents the Bennati family, determinedly managing the estate, which now encompasses 200 hectares; part is in vineyard, with 100 hectares registered to DOC Isonzo wines and 27 to the DOC Collio, and the remainder is in woods and permanent meadows. Tenuta Villanova thus enjoys a natural inheritance, built up through its history and developed to its fullest potential by its owners, who with their passionate commitment and expertise are already creating the future of the estate.